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More than 40 cars vandalized in one night in Patterson Park

Posted at 10:34 PM, Aug 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-28 23:16:20-04

BALTIMORE — Car break-ins happen in Baltimore a lot, it’s unusual that 40 vehicles are broken into within a few blocks in one night.

On Friday night, some people in Patterson Park were on edge hoping that their newly repaired windows didn’t get knocked out again.

The glass smasher seemed to stay on the park side of Baltimore St. before hitting a few cars parked in alleyways.

Baltimore City Police Officers have been handing out flyers with a screenshot of a man seen on several neighbors security cameras going car to car and breaking windows.

Dwight Newsom was getting ready to check on his brother when he came out to his smashed window.

In over 20 years in the neighborhood, he’s never seen that many car windows broken in one night.

“It’s just incredible somebody would get up with this type of thing on their mind to think whose car can I vandalize today who’s house can I break into today,” Newsom said. “After all we’re in the middle of a pandemic who has time to pay for a window. Who has time to get these type of repairs done.”

By looking at the glass piles on the sidewalk it looks like the damage stretches about 3 blocks.

Ronda Horstman and her husband are in town to their daughter move in for grad school.

Horstman only had her SUV for a month and a half so she was told they have to order special glass.

To make matters worse they are heading back to Texas tomorrow.

“They did a plastic sheeting over it so now we have to drive 16 hours and not be able to speak to each other,” Horstman said. “When you’re going 70 miles an hour he said you can’t even think.”

Neighbors shared a surveillance video of the person of interest.

You can hear glass smashing after the man walks out of the frame.

All the people we talked to say nothing was taken out of their cars.

This comes as almost all crime categories in the Southeast are down over this time last year including a 40 percent drop in property crime.

“All the neighbors we all band together, we’ve always banded together," Newsom said. “It’s a beautiful neighborhood until other people come and vandalize its and just put fear into the neighborhood.”

If you’ve seen or heard from the man call Baltimore City Police immediately.