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McDaniel College offering full tuition scholarships for top students in Baltimore

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Posted at 4:07 PM, Apr 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-04 17:14:47-04

BALTIMORE — High school seniors from Baltimore City Public schools received a special surprise on Monday that could help gear them to a successful future.

McDaniel College surprised five students at their schools with a full tuition scholarship. Students from Coppin Academy, Green Street Academy, Academy for College and Career Exploration and Baltimore Polytechnic Institute received a full-tuition scholarship for all four years at McDaniel.

However, it didn't come easy. This scholarship is awarded to some of the top students in Baltimore.

"There is a process that we go through in close partnership with college bound to determine the students that we feel like are going to make the biggest impact and have done the best record academically," said Julia Jasken, President at McDaniel College.

One of the recipients was Kevin Quintanilla, a senior at the Academy for College and Career Exploration, who according to McDaniel College has completed his school’s most rigorous curriculum and is ranked second in his graduating class with a 4.15 GPA.

Quintanilla says his family keeps him motivated and hopes to achieve a great future for them.

"I'm a first-generation scholar so it's a big step for me and my family. It's hopefully a step forward where I can not only benefit myself, but you know help my siblings," said Quintanilla.

Baltimore City Public School officials say they are working to make sure all students have the proper resources to further their education so more scholarships can be achieved.