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Mayor walks with residents in Mondawmin neighborhood during violent week

Mayor walks with residents in Mondawmin neighborhood during violent week
Mayor walks with residents in Mondawmin neighborhood during violent week
Mayor walks with residents in Mondawmin neighborhood during violent week
Posted at 9:29 PM, Jun 17, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-17 23:12:35-04

BALTIMORE — Baltimore has not had time to catch its collective breath as shooting after shooting puts us on pace for a more deadly year than 2020.

Mayor Brandon Scott walked through the area surrounding Mondawmin Mall where a man was shot in the head and killed outside of a Dunkin Donuts a few days ago.
People are understandably fed up and they want a plan and they to see violence numbers down.

The Mayor said these walks are a small part of their larger plan— but they are important so people can see him out here not just hear him.

Members of the community like Jarmarcus Lawson got the chance to show the Mayor the problems they are dealing with.

“Every Saturday I come out and I clean this section, I move the trash, I scoop and go,” Lawson said. “This trash y’all tryin to avoid stepping in it, this is coming out the septic tank. I been calling and telling them.”

The Mayor called over members of DPW to take Lawsons information, and hopefully fix the issue soon.

WMAR asked the Mayor what happens as a result of these walks.

“Agencies go out and do what they are supposed to do. They go out and work with these neighborhoods to relieve those things. Put boards where there needs to be boards. Clean up trash where it needs to be cleaned up. Make sure we talk to seniors who need to get in our HUDS program so we can help them stay and age in our home. We talk to young people looking to get jobs, help them get jobs which them out of a life of crime. All of things can happen when you do things like that. Some of that wouldn’t happen, you’re never going to interact unless your physically out walking in the community.”

One woman went out on a wing with her idea to stop crime.

“We need Batman here in Baltimore,” said Patricia Redmond. “I told them that. We got Batman coming, watch how Batman change some things. It’s about the love we gotta bring the love back.”

The people of Baltimore can’t wait for the Caped Crusader to save them. So, we caught up with Police Commissioner Michael Harrison to ask what his departments plan is and how these walks help.

“Let people know that we are here and that we care,” Harrison said. “For us to get a chance to see what they see. To be out here, it’s a part of connecting with the community.”

The murder outside of Mondawmin is part of a week that included a mass shooting where five people were wounded and one person was killed.

“We want short terms on people who hold these positions and offices so we can get accelerated turnover and bring people in who can commit themselves to the results that are needed to make change now in the lifetime when we are able to see it,” said Linda Batts.

WMAR asked the police commissioner for an update on the Mondawmin shooting.

He told us the investigation is ongoing and as far the mass shooting he needs to hear from the community.

If you know anything you can leave an anonymous tip with metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP.