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Marylanders clearing ice, snow and roads ahead of refreeze

Posted at 4:45 PM, Dec 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-17 17:49:32-05

Cleanup continues after the season’s first significant winter storm that swept through Maryland.

Residents spent most of Thursday scraping and clearing away all the ice and snow that fell.

"Honestly, I’d sooner have a foot of snow than the ice in the middle," said Guy Wenck. "I think it’s easier to deal with than you know, to take it down to bare pavement. The ice, there’s just nothing you can do."

Ayd Hardware on York Road near the Towson line is usually closed on Thursdays but owner Vincent Ayd helped fulfill curbside orders for salt and shovels.

"Yesterday we were really busy," said Ayd. "I'm down here today clearing my sidewalk but also selling whatever people might need while I'm here."

For that hard to clear compounded ice Ayd recommends a metal square pointed shovel.

"I call it the shovel du jour," he said. "It's what I call the chop and go because you can chop and shovel. You can’t do that with a snow shovel, especially the plastic one."

The winter conditions not just a problem for people shoveling but drivers.

According to Maryland State police from 9 a.m. Wednesday to 9 a.m. Thursday the agency responded to 1340 calls for service, which included 403 crashes, 225 disabled/unattended vehicles and 19 roadside hazards. Those hazards included downed trees and wires.

The Maryland State Highway Administration said it has about 2,000 pieces of equipment out now clearing away the snow and ice. Officials warn if a surface looks wet assume it is ice and take it slow when heading out.

While the Thursday's sun helped melt some of the frozen mess, refreezing is a concern going into the overnight hours.