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Marylanders celebrate hustle and bustle ahead of Thanksgiving dinner

Posted at 4:43 PM, Nov 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-26 17:32:09-05

BALTIMORE — Marylanders say the rush of last-minute shopping adds to the joys of their Thanksgiving. Early Thursday, throngs of people hit their local grocery stores for last minute meal items.

"It's a little hectic in there," said D. Farere.

We found him outside a Giant in North Baltimore picking up some collard greens.

"Neck bones is the secret," said Farere. "I've got them roasting in the house. I already got them cooking."

While shoppers took time to rattle off the items they bought, they also shared what they're grateful for. Many of them telling WMAR they're just happy to be alive.

"Just to be still be able to still be able to move around and operate," said Tiona Murdock. "To come out and do a little shopping for the holidays, that's the fun. I really enjoy it."

Marylanders also took advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.

"Yeah, it’s strangely hot out for the end of November," said Mason Synder. "We came out for Thanksgiving and we're just walking around."

Mason and his mom Tamara said they were burning a few calories ahead of Thanksgiving dinner, walking around Federal Hill Park.

"I feel like we burned off some calories," said Tamara Morris. "We're enjoy this beautiful Baltimore weather. I’ve never and I’ve never walked along the harbor, they said the harbor so, yeah it’s just been great seeing everybody running and exercising."

As Marylanders continue to celebrate, local and state officials are reminding people to be aware of increased COVID-19 regulations and enforcement.