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Maryland National Guard mobilized in DC through end of month

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jan 07, 2021

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — "It was right here that the peaceful transition of power was born 236 years ago," said Gov. Larry Hogan, addressing yesterday's attempted insurrection from the Maryland State House.

"I could never have fathomed a day like yesterday in America but I will not stand for it and neither should any American," said Hogan.

Hogan detailed Maryland's response to the riot Tuesday. After being informed of what was going on, Hogan said he directed the immediate mobilization of 200 specially trained Maryland State Troopers and instructed the Maryland National Guards' initial response force to get ready.

"We ran it up the flag pole. 'We’re ready. We’re ready. Don’t have authorization. Don’t have authorization'," said Hogan.

He said an unexplained denial of approval for the Maryland National Guard to move into DC delayed attempts to support Metro Police.

He waited, fielding call from house leader Steny Hoyer, of Maryland, who was hunkered down.

"The leaders of Congress were pleading with me as the Governor of Maryland for assistance from Maryland’s National Guard and State Police," said Hogan.

An hour and a half later, he got a call from Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy authorizing the Maryland National Guard, so 500 members moved in, joining state troopers.

"The Maryland State Police's Mobile Field Force team provided security support to restore the peace at the U.S. Capitol building last night and also assisted Metropolitan Police throughout the night with the enforcement of curfew violations," said Hogan.

The guardsmen and troopers are now waiting for their next mission, ready to help to assure a peaceful transition of power, which Hogan said has been under attack by President Donald Trump.

"Who has chosen to fan the flames of hate and mislead millions of voters through lies and conspiracy theories rather than face the reality of his own defeat," said Hogan.

He joined a growing numbers of elected officials in support of the {resident resigning or being removed from office.

“There’s no question that America would be better off if the President would resign or be removed from office,” said Hogan. "We need leadership right now and we need to stop all of this craziness."

Maryland joins five other state's National Guards ready to assist through the Inauguration.

In Annapolis, State Police and the Maryland Capitol Police have increased security around the State House complex because there have been incidents at state capitols around the country.

Hogan said this new mission for the Guard does not interrupt their role in vaccine deployment.