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Maryland man sentenced to six months of home detention for threatening the NSA

Federal Agencies Hacked Consequences
Posted at 4:11 PM, May 24, 2022

BALTIMORE — A U.S. District Judge sentenced 38-year-old Ryan Matthew Conlon to six months of home detention for making threats to the National Security Agency (NSA).

Conlon hails from Halethorpe, Maryland and the six months of home detention are part of his three years of probation.

According to his guilty plea, Conlon has a history of making threats to government agencies. In 2021, he was behind several communications threatening to blow up the NSA and shoot government employees.

He was investigated and identified by the FBI as the person behind these threats. The agents confronted him and he admitted that his conduct was wrong.

Conlon then agreed to stop making these threats.

Later that year, the FBI received a tip that specific person would blow up NSA Headquarters, had built a bomb in his basement and will murder the NSA director.

The caller continued that the person would shoot up all federal NSA employees and was a national security threat. He stated that the person and his accomplice had been plotting to blow the headquarters for a month and planned to attack on New Years Day.

The FBI traced the phone number back to Conlon.

Conlon sent the communications with the intent to threaten the NSA Director and NSA employees , or with the knowledge that the communications would be viewed as a threat.