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Maryland Hospital Association warns of dire need for nurses

nursing shortage
Posted at 9:57 AM, Aug 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-08 17:23:49-04

BALTIMORE — A report commissioned by the Maryland Hospital Association warns of a dire need for nurses in the state.

It shows one in every four nursing positions currently vacant in Maryland.

That equates to a statewide shortage of about 5,000 full-time registered nurses, and 4,000 licensed practical nurses.

Without action, the association fears those numbers could double or even triple by 2035.

Studies show a high turnover in staffing as one of the main driving factors.

Specifically, stress of acute care and burnout, accelerated by COVID-19 contributed to the turnover, as did violence against healthcare workers.

A survey of Maryland Board of Nursing licensees and certificate holders, found 62 percent thought about recently leaving the profession.

Feeling overworked, burned out, and unappreciated was the primary reason for nearly 40 percent of those who responded.

Also Maryland's financing system caps hospital budgets and payrolls, hindering their ability to compete nationally in retaining talent.

Dozens of health care leaders from hospitals statewide formed a task force to come up with recommendations that could stabilize the workforce.

One is the difficult task of expanding Maryland’s nursing pipeline.

On average the study found 20 percent of nursing students will drop out, with the highest rates coming after the first semester.

Other recommendations can be read in the full report here.