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Maryland Gubernatorial candidate to address plan to get Baltimore's 'squeegee boys' off streets

Rushern Baker said one of his goals is to get the “squeegee boys" off the streets and “into school and gainful employment”
Posted at 4:35 PM, May 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-18 16:37:51-04

BALTIMORE — Maryland Gubernatorial candidate Rushern Baker has a plan to tackle Baltimore’s public safety crisis.

One of those ideas is to get the Baltimore “squeegee boys” off the streets.

Baker will hold a press conference Thursday morning to discuss his comprehensive public safety agenda for Maryland, which focuses on addressing violent crime, creating economic opportunity and making unprecedented investments in mental health services in Baltimore City.

Baker said one of his goals is to get the “squeegee boys,” those who are in Downtown Baltimore squeegeeing cars for money, off the streets and “into school and gainful employment.”

The Gubernatorial candidate’s plan will establish programs specifically designed to improve the lives of young men currently trying to earn a living on Baltimore’s busiest streets.

“The reason these young men are out here in the first place is because they are looking to work,” Baker said. “The tired, racist stories of lazy urban youth are being proven wrong right in front of us, and as a State we need to have policies that foster that work ethic, while also acknowledging that the current situation cannot continue. Many visitors, commuters and residents have had negative experiences and confrontations with squeegee boys and it presents yet another barrier to improving economic activity in Baltimore.”

“There is real opportunity here to support these young entrepreneurs. I applaud the City’s efforts to connect them with jobs at local businesses, but the State must take responsibility on this issue as well. If we can get Baltimore to work, our entire state will benefit.”