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Maryland Congressman deactivates Facebook, Instagram accounts amid whistleblower complaints

Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger
Posted at 10:07 AM, Oct 27, 2021

WASHINGTON — Maryland Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger said Wednesday he would deactivate his Facebook and Instagram accounts amid multiple whistleblower complaints accusing the tech giant of negatively impacting teen mental health and amplifying hate speech.

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“Facebook’s basic business model sows division and disinformation and I can no longer use it – and promote it from my official mediums – in good conscience for the time being,” said Ruppersberger. “While Facebook must do better to police themselves, Congress must also act and pass reasonable social media reforms. I look forward to learning more about what we can do to promote change and supporting legislation to that effect.”

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For now, Ruppersberger said constituents can follow him on Twitter, or contact his office by phone, email and fax.