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'Manipulative, conniving, and scheming': Tenant with WAZ Management speak out about shady practices

Tenant with WAZ Management speak out about shady practices
Posted at 9:54 PM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 23:12:10-04

PIKESVILLE, Md. — After an escrow court battle, a tenant is waiting for her landlord to pay her what the judge ordered.

"After everything, including my security deposit, they're over about $4,000," said Nichelle Brown.

Brown is renting a property owned by WAZ Management. It's located off Park Heights Avenue.

"This place was everything I wanted," she told WMAR-2 News. "I paid for the year lease in advance."

That was a total of $19,000 dollars. Soon after moving in, she started noticing problems.

"I've was without hot water for a month," said Nichelle. "There have been power outages. Leaks in the roof and other things. The refrigerator had to be replaced multiple times. They bring in used appliances from other apartments."

WMAR first reported on WAZ Management Tuesday after Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development issues a cease-and-desist order for a property located at 2126 Maryland Avenue.

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The commercially zoned business building had 20 people living inside. There was no running water or electric.

"When I saw that story and saw you mentioned management, I knew I wasn't alone," said Brown.

Brown is speaking out so that others don't fall prey to WAZ's tactics.

"They're very manipulative, conniving, and scheming," she said. "They just take our money and don't do anything."

As WMAR has reported, Baltimore City is taking WAZ Management and those associated with the business to court.

Reporter Dave Detling stopped by WAZ Management's office on Glen Avenue in another attempt to talk about property issues and business practices. No one wanted to talk. A receptionist did take our information.

While at the property we noticed an unkept property with lawn and tree debris. On the porch there was construction equipment along with shipping boxes, an old stove range. Inside a fire alarm was dismantled.

There was exposed wiring and various surveillance cameras installed throughout the office space. It's important to note, the location at 3503 Glen Avenue is a residential home. It's being used to conduct business.

At the office window a placard read:

"Attention All Residents:

Effective immediately all rental payments are to be made to R.I.B. Management. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office."

"They're not doing the right thing," said Brown. "They treat people like animals. They like to intimate and bully them."

Court records show legal cases against the WAZ Management and the Ouazana brothers, Ruban, Isaac and Benjamin.

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