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Maneuvering Bay Bridge over traffic-congested July 4 weekend

Bay Bridge
Posted at 6:37 PM, Jun 30, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-30 18:37:03-04

BAY BRIDGE, Md. — If you are headed to the Eastern Shore for the Fourth of July holiday, you can expect back-ups at the Bay Bridge.

Traffic at the Bay Bridge during the peak summer hours is not new but the size and the amount of times traffic gets snarled around the bridge has increased.

There are no new secrets to beat the traffic.

“Make sure you travel early. Go early, stay late,” said Richard Jaramillo, Administrator with the Maryland Transportation Authority. “That's the only way to avoid delays.”

Before 7 a.m. or a.m. and after 7 or 8 p.m. is your best time to come over the bay.

What has changed is we now have a lot of back up on the westbound side.

“It's just as prolific, we seen the traffic pattern change especially around COVID,” Jaramillo said. “Some of the economic development has not helped with that as well. We are seeing westbound just as heavy as eastbound.”

If you are having car problems around the Bay Bridge and you need assistance, there’s no need to call for a tow truck and maybe wait for an hour for it to get there. The Maryland State Highway Association and the Transportation Authority have tow trucks that are ready and free, just dial #77.

“We'll have one of our motor units respond and also our vehicle recovery techs responding and assisting to get your vehicle off the bridge,” said Lt. David Ramnath, with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police. “We ask that you stay in your vehicle and don't climb out of your vehicle and stand around.”

On your Route 50 travel, don't take the side roads to save time.

They actually can cause more delay because the smaller side streets get congested quickly.

The best way is for everyone is to stay on the major roads.

“Stay on Route 50 and keep those local roads open for first responders and residents,” Jaramillo said.