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Man arrested in shooting of 22-month-old girl

Domestic dispute also led to assault on pregnant woman
Posted at 4:18 PM, Jul 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-14 13:55:26-04

WINDSOR MILL, Md. — The 21-year-old man came to the home on Derby Shire Circle in Windsor Mill on the premise of retrieving his clothing and possessions after getting dumped by his girlfriend who is five months pregnant, but his true motive would lead to violence and would leave 22-month-old Promise with a gash from a bullet above her eye.

“He claimed that he was coming here to get something, but she said he came in here and was trying to apology, saying he was sorry cause he was out there cheating on her or whatever,” said Nicole Smith, Promise’s grandmother, “So I guess they got into an altercation, and he strangled her.”

Smith’s son heard the commotion in the basement and ran downstairs where he found the suspect on top of his sister and confronted him.

“He pulled out the gun and hit my son on top of his eye. He’s got a gash, a real big gash,” said Smith, “But Promise---the bullet grazed her on the top of her eye real bad so she had to get like six, seven stitches in the top of her eye.”

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The unidentified gunman ran from the house, but police chased him down and arrested him.

A search of the basement has yet to turn up evidence of the bullet that grazed the toddler, but with or without it, police say the charge will stick.

“We have a witness who says the gun was fired,” said Baltimore County Police Officer Jennifer Peach, “We have a gun. We were able to recover a gun at the location and we have additional witness testimony that leads to a First Degree Assault.”

For Nicole Smith, the incident brings back memories of losing a 16-year-old son four years ago to violence in Baltimore City.

“So I just want everybody you know just to pray for me and my family cause it could have been another tragedy,” said Smith, “I could be burying a daughter, another son and my granddaughter for something crazy like this.”

It required six to seven stitches to patch up the graze wound on Promise’s forehead, but we’re assured that she will fully recover.

Detectives identified the suspect in the assault on Tuesday.

21-year-old Dayquis Korleone Moore has been charged with attempted first degree murder, first degree assault and various other charges.

Moore is currently being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center with bailed denied. He will have a bail review later on Tuesday.