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MAKE ROOM FOR THE SWEEPER! Street sweeping resumes today in Baltimore City

Do Street Sweepers Actually Clean Roads?
Posted at 8:39 AM, Jul 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-13 08:41:10-04

BALTIMORE CITY — The official restart of residential street sweeping is here! Starting on July 13, 2022, DPW will resume its Mechanical Street Sweeping Operations.

To give the mechanical sweepers room to reach the curb, residents and visitors are asked to follow the “No Parking Signs” which provide information about area parking restrictions on street sweeping days, Monday through Friday.

A 30-day grace period (July 13 – August 12) will be implemented once the program resumes, allowing residents and visitors to re-adjust to the street sweeping schedules.

Additionally, there will be a 5-day (August 8 – August 12) warning notice period prior to the expiration of the grace period before street sweeping parking citations are issued.

The restart of Mechanical Street Sweeping will include:

Central District Routes are swept weekly and generally extend from the City’s downtown area westward to Cooks Lane, northwest to Liberty Heights Avenue, northeast to Hillen Road, southeast to Haven Street, and southwest to Pratt Street.

These weekly routes have posted signage indicating the days and times when parking is restricted.

Quadrant (Neighborhoods) Street Sweeping occurs once a month (Wednesdays) in Northwest/Southeast and Northeast/Southwest areas of the City.

Generally, Quadrant Sweeping areas do not have posted parking restrictions, but the City requests that motorists cooperate by moving their vehicles on the designated sweeping day.

Residents can find their Quadrant Sweeping days on the 2022 DPW calendar or by calling 311.