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Lost class ring from 1979 reunited at Mercy High

Posted at 5:26 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 23:20:30-05

LAUREL, Md. — Check your pockets!

Kim Hailey works in real estate, so she was helping a couple take their stuff to a thrift store near Laurel. While there she found a coat for her grandson.

Then decide she needed one too.

As she goes to put the jackets in the washing machine, she clears out the pockets but whats this? Deep in the pocket she finds a ring.

She looks at it and it has crosses on it. She thinks it belongs to someone from Mercy Nursing School, so she sets it aside for awhile.

But she can’t get the ring off her mind.

She reads the inside and discovers the name Elaine Malstrum. Google after Google, call after call. Kim turned into a super sleuth and somehow someway found her way today to Mercy High School.

Long story short she finds that the ring belongs to Elaine Malstrum Williams, Class of 1979 from Mercy High School.

Knowing how important this was she drives up to the school today to put the ring on her sisters fingers. Karen and Denise, both Mercy girls, can’t believe it.

They didn’t know the ring was missing and have no idea how it landed in a pocket in a thrift store in Laurel.

The late Elaine would have turned 60 this year. The sisters think this is a sign from above, a story that has a ring to it.