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Local 8-year-old girl sells lemonade for a good cause

Proceeds benefit homeless women and children, polar bears
Local 8-year-old girl sells lemonade
Posted at 7:31 PM, Apr 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-29 08:33:00-04

TIMONIUM, Md. — A local eight-year-old is working to help homeless women and children and polar bears.

Lucy Flannery hosted a lemonade stand Wednesday at her home in Timonium.

Proceeds will benefit the Karis Home and the World Wildlife Fund.

Lucy's mom says these causes are near and dear to her daughter’s heart.

"I didn’t want people to be on the streets because I thought it was sad that people were on the streets,” said Lucy. “Like if it was a cold night and they had nothing I was like that’s sad because everybody should have a home and shouldn’t have to be on the streets."

Lucy says she wanted to help the polar bears after learning they were endangered.

She designated Wednesday’s event free to emergency personnel, healthcare workers, firefighters, police officers, and teachers.

Lucy raised $500 from the sale alone and another $520 in donations.