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Living Without Limitations at Divine Light

Posted at 6:26 PM, Dec 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-03 18:27:02-05

BALTIMORE — "I got tired of being out on the streets using and things like that, that's why I came to Divine Light."

It took Andre Booker more than a decade to find that light.

"When you come to the conclusion that you are tired of hurting yourself putting that poison in you, that's when it was it, for me."

Booker believes his disability was the catalyst for his addiction.

He was born with TAR syndrome. It’s a rare genetic disorder marked by the absence of bones in his forearms.

"Having people pick on me in school, taking advantage of me, bullying and things like that."

"He was withdrawn, hurt and broken."

Sakina Dean says what a difference a year has made for Andre. He's clean and confident.

He was a perfect candidate for the Living Without Limitations program that Dean started at Divine Light. They're focused on helping addicts living with disabilities.

"To be able to not be bullied, be in a safe place where they can actually get clean without influences of being bullied or mocked and being able to live their lives just like everyone else."

After a year of being clean, they offer you a job. Andre helps new clients coming into the program. It's his first steady job.

"I sit down and explain to them the rules and various things about the program they need to know to be successful."

He admits it wasn't easy. But he's proud because this is longest he's ever been clean.

Now with a year under his belt, and focused on a bright future, Andre is hoping to inspire others.

"I would like to see myself in my own house and just giving back in the best way that I can, helping the next person out that's suffering from addiction.