Cleveland mayor addresses anger over Rice ruling

Posted at 11:22 AM, Dec 29, 2015

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson acknowledged anger in the community over a return of no bill in the Tamir Rice case during a press briefing Tuesday.

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This was the second time Jackson addressed the media since Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty announced the two officers involved in the shooting of Tamir, Timothy Loehmann and Frank Garmback, would not be indicted for the death of the 12-year-old

During the meeting, Jackson said the community is angry over the Tamir Rice ruling and suspect a lack of fairness. He said an administrative decision regarding the conduct of the officers will be made and it will not be influenced by politics or outside groups. 

Jackson explained his concern that the community does not believe the 'system' works, and that nobody cares about their well-being. 

Talks of protesters in the city was met with a comment from Jackson stating the city welcomes them and wants to protect them. Though Cleveland police said the city is safe, officers will take aggressive action if necessary.