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Kristan Vermeulen: Makers of the USA Blue

Posted at 11:25 PM, Oct 12, 2021

Who makes banjo's out of gourds? Who makes Smith Island Cakes? And who makes the sun going down special in Ocean City?

Kristan Vermeulen does! She's making sure we know we live in the land of pleasant living.

She was made in Ellicott City and has crafted a video podcast called Makers of the USA. She is going to feature all 50, but her home state of Maryland is the star.

Kristan moved to Maine with her husband and children four years ago to start a job with sea bags. Where you take sails and make bags out of them. She's always been interested in those who make things.

She came to town, sat down for one on one's, saw the geniuses do what they do and then tell their story with no time limit.

To say she has a following, she might be closing in on Kim Kardashian views by next week.

You can watch her Makers of the USA podcast on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.