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Keeping the fire burning since 1958

1958 classic stove can still do it all
Posted at 12:02 PM, Jun 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-20 12:02:19-04

Donna McKusick moved all the way from Stoneleigh to Anneslie, which isn't really all that far. Little did she know her 'new' kitchen would turn into a museum.

We all have an old flame, but not like this. With all the 'ting', 'bang', 'tangs', it sounds like it's New Years Eve every day, "Now we're cooking with gas turned on."

When you move into a house the first move you do, is redo the kitchen, "I don't have the funds to do that, plus I like old things. That's why I like this house."

So Donna's husband said, let's get rid of gas and go electric. So moving this elephant in the room, is like moving an elephant.

"We would say 'no we want a new stove' and we'd get 'oh no you don't want to do that."

They went shopping and learned a new stove may last a decade, "How many years is this? 1958."

This '58 classic can do it all, "So if you crank this thing up to 550, which doesn't take very long maybe a half an hour, turn it off, put the chicken in there and you can cook the whole chicken with no gas at all."

"But underneath the griddle is a pop-up broiler and you just turn the crank and this fabulous broiler comes up."

So from griddle to Google she went searching and found a vintage stove group.

"I would die for that stove."

"I love that stove."

"I mean they are fanatical about stoves."

And like the Maytag repairman there is only one guy who can fix this, "I think his name is Diamond Jones."

We reached Diamond by phone in Texas. He runs "Antique Vintage Stoves". He just finished up two jobs in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

"Now I'm thinking, maybe we should just keep it and if someone eventually buys this house and values it that'll be great, and if not they can get rid of it."

Who says we can't rekindle an old flame?