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Jury deliberations continue Monday in Dvorak murder trial

Sebastian Dvorak was a popular Baltimore bartender
Posted at 8:27 AM, Oct 18, 2021

TOWSON, Md. — Jury deliberations continue today in the second murder trial of a young man accused of robbing and killing a popular Baltimore City bartender more than four years ago.

Sebastian Dvorak was a well-known bartender at Ryleigh's Oyster.

Sebastian's nickname was ‘Seabass’ and his loved ones have been waiting for more than four years for justice.

The first trial ended in a mistrial with a hung jury; his accused killer hasn't been convicted yet for murder.

The murder happened in Baltimore City but both the first and second trials of Malik Mungo were set for Baltimore County.

The state's attorney general's office determined Dvorak's murder was related to some activities of a street gang that also happened in Baltimore County.

It was June 2017, when Sebastian Dvorak had just finished celebrating his 27th birthday.

Dvorak was walking home in in Baltimore's Canton neighborhood when he was gunned down along Boston Street.

Police made several arrests and three other men have already been convicted in connection with Dvorak's murder on lesser charges.

Police believe Malik Mungo is the one who pulled the trigger.

At the time of the murder in 2017, Mungo was 17 years old.

He's now 21.

Mungo's defense has maintained that he was not responsible for shooting Dvorak.

On Friday, Dvorak’s family was waiting outside the circuit courthouse in Towson before the judge decided to recess the trial for the weekend.

Dvorak’s father David said “someone testified in these trials at some point that Sebastian, with shock said, why did you do that, after being shot. I can imagine his shock because he really did think the best of people. Even being robbed, I can imagine him in shock that he was being shot. I know he would have been all about making something good out of this.”

His loved ones talked about how they honor his memory.

“Sebastian‘s friends, he had many of them, and us we started a foundation called the Seabass Foundation. Over the last four years, we’ve raised over $100,000 to provide skiing instruction for inter-city kids, Harlem lacrosse, or First Tee Foundation which does golfing,” Dvorak said.

The Seabass Foundation will have its biggest fundraiser in November. Click here for information on how to donate.