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Jumbo sized sinkhole affects traffic in Frederick County

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Posted at 5:19 PM, May 11, 2022

FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. — People in Frederick County will have to take alternate routes after a crater sized sinkhole surfaced on Monocacy Blvd on May 4.

The sinkhole has only increased in size since then because of rain and stormwater and runoff.

As the sinkhole increased, it undermined the road and a 16-inch water main located in the far lane. The main broke and the sinkhole increased rapidly.

Businesses in the area experienced a water service outage, but this has been resolved by the Frederick Department of Public Works.

Today, a segment of Monocacy Boulevard remains severely impacted.

Officials have spoken with geotechnical professionals and met with a geologist to determine the next steps.

The only damage has been to the road and the water main.

People that live in the area are asked to steer clear, as the sinkhole remains unstable.