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'It's not rocket science': Neighbor in the original Northwood neighborhood cites improper garbage disposal

Neighbor in the original Northwood neighborhood cites improper garbage disposal
Posted at 10:51 PM, Nov 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-22 23:21:59-05

BALTIMORE — There's a clear difference in how trash is handled depending what side of the alley you live in in North Baltimore. We're talking about the garbage and illegal dumping issues in the alleyway in the 4100 block of The Alameda.

"It's not rocket science," said Edda Budlow. "Use the lid, clean up after yourself."

Budlow's home backs up to the alleyway. She lives in the 4100 block of Westview Road.

"The issue is on one side of the alley," she said. "There needs to be accountability and responsibility taken."

WMAR-2 News documented a number of issues. They include improper use of garbage cans. Some cans were filled with construction debris. There was also illegally dumped items.

"When garbage isn't cleaned up," said Budlow. "It tells people it's okay to dump here."

Another issue includes a lack of cleanup by the city. One piece of furniture was inspected by a city inspector. It was dated with a bright orange sticker on September 30, 2021. As of Monday night it was still there.

"The pile is growing," said Budlow. "I can't tell you how many times I've called 311. There's also times where me and the neighbors would come out here and sweep up the mess."

Part of the issue, some believe, are the homes along The Alameda. Trash cans belonging to the homes in the 4100 block are improperly stored and used.

"This one hasn't even been touched," said Budlow, pointing to a bulding at the bottom. "DPW said it won't pick up some of these, either because they don't belong to a property or they're too heavy."

WMAR has reached out to city agencies in an effort to get the alley cleaned up.

If you have a trash issue you would like Dave Detling to investigate, send him an email or send your trash concern to remember to provide your full name, a contact phone number, address where you live and pictures of the issue.