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'It's life or death': Volunteers making a difference for the homeless during Code Blue

Posted at 9:45 PM, Jan 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-28 23:23:08-05

BALTIMORE — Another Code Blue weekend in Baltimore City means volunteers are out on the roads checking on the city's homeless population.

"We can't let them become a statistic," said homeless advocate Christina Flowers. "It's life or death when we're talking this kind of weather."

Flowers was on deck outside St. Vincent De Paul Church Friday handing out food and blankets to those in need.

"It doesn't stop for us," she said.

A few dozen of Baltimore's homeless population gathered outside the church for a grab and go meal, compliments of Our Lady of the Fields Roman Catholic Church.

"We used to serve a meal but now because of COVID we just have our grab and go bags," said Deacon Ed Stoops. "People go through the line, grab a bag and go. It’s all we can do. It’s partly about the food, people are hungry and they want to eat but it’s far more about dignity. These are my friends."

Deacon Stoops has been active with the area's population for 30 years.

"We hope on a Code Blue night light tonight they're listening and getting into shelters," he said. "We don't want to see them on the streets."

Those who braving the elements stocked up on warm meals and beverages, some were compliments of the Salvation Army.

"I'm making three stops tonight," said Luther James with the Salvation Army's FeedMore Canteen program.

WMAR-2 News synced up with James and his volunteers near the JFX as he was handing out food to a homeless camp.

"After this we’re going to go to downtown," he said. "I’m going to ride around the Fells Point area. Anybody I see on the streets I’m going to offer them assistance."

James knows where to look when it comes to the area's homeless population.

"Sometimes they're under the overpass, sometimes they're in a door frame," he said. "I do what I can to help them. It's cold out tonight and we don't want anyone suffering more than they have to."

Baltimore's Code Blue is expected to last through the weekend.