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'It's been an incredible experience' Community center's free wash & fold sees success

Posted at 5:36 PM, Jun 23, 2021

BALTIMORE — Leave your quarters at home. That's the message from Greenmount West Community Center. Last week the community center on Guilford Avenue brought in a mobile laundry unit. It's been up and running ever since.

"We have four days left of the wash and fold," said Kennedy McDaniel.

McDaniel is the social media and community projects manager for the community enter. She told WMAR-2 News the event is averaging 20 laundry loads a day.

"It’s been an incredible experience," said McDaniel. "We can’t even quantify he impact this has had on our community, but it has shown us the need for basic services like laundry."

The event not only saves people time and money but it's also a way for teens in the community to earn money.

The community center hired roughly half-a-dozen teens involved in its programs to help facility the laundry services.

"I just like how you interact with the different people in the community," said 14-year-old Dajuan Jennings. "Most of the ladies that come here, I have never seen in the community and it’s just good helping them."

Jennings also said he's picked up different ways to do laundry based.

"It's helped my laundry skills," he said. "I've noticed people wash their clothes differently. Some people add detergent before they put their clothes in. Some put in after. It's just different."

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To reserve a spot for remaining wash & fold spaces event you're encouraged to fill out this form here or call 667-212-5286.