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'It's a Maryland Thing': Maryland singer comes out with new state anthem

Jimmy Charles' song to be played during Orioles games
Posted at 6:00 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 20:01:49-04

BALTIMORE — “It’s a Maryland Thing.”

Those outsiders just wouldn’t understand.

Jimmy Charles, from Ocean City, is making a big splash in the music scene.

The former linebacker with the Towson Tigers has been strumming his stuff in Nashville for 12 years.

Now, the Orioles are taking notice of his new hit “It’s a Maryland Thing.”

“It's a Maryland Thing and you wouldn't understand, and we can talk about it over Natty Boh cans,” part of his song says.

'It's a Maryland Thing'

Jimmy Charles has provided Maryland with a new anthem.

The Baltimore Orioles heard the song and now it's going to be played at Camden Yards.

He will be at Camden Yards next month.

Charles put everything Maryland into three and a half minute long song.

“Take my boat up the Chesapeake Bay, salute a Midshipman along the way. When the work’s all done and the weekend comes, your damn rival going down the ocean, hun,” another portion of the song says.

Jimmy Charles spent the weekend in Ocean City to headline the Jellyfish Concert where he is shooting a video for this song.

“We had about five different cameras going at the same time,” Charles said. “A great, great crowd are out there onto the beach under these amazing lights”

In the middle of the song, Jimmy Charles plays the Star-Spangled Banner, the National Anthem that was written in Baltimore.

“But it's about one letter of the law only Maryland understands I really wanted to put the O!,” Charles said. “Our hands on our hearts and we stand up tall shout O! say does that Star-Spangled Banner.”

It's a swag that provides a catchy tune for Marylanders to enjoy.

“So find us wherever you roll, we wear our flag and make sure you know it's a Maryland thing. We got the crab pickin’.

"We've got the orange crushes, we got the Natty Bohs, that's chips.”

Charles will sing the National Anthem at an Orioles game, the same place he became a fan of Cal Ripken Jr.

And of course, Orioles fans will become more acclimated to the song.

“To hear my song that I wrote, played over these huge speakers and then after the game somewhere around the fireworks, I'm singing three more songs and just a continuation of this journey,” Charles said.

The University of Maryland has also adopted Jimmy Charles song and you'll hear it all over campus during games.

Jimmy Charles is now hoping the Ravens invite him to M&T Bank Stadium this fall.