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Sheila Dixon blames hack for Facebook post suggesting she is running for mayor

Posted at 3:25 PM, Apr 03, 2019

BALTIMORE — Wednesday morning a Facebook post seemed to suggest that former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon was considering running for the job in 2020.

The post on the page, "Sheila Dixon for Baltimore" showed a picture of a banner that read "Sheila Dixon for Mayor" and above it said, "What do you think Baltimore?"

This received hundreds of comments and shares. Hours later a new post on the page replaced it saying the account was hacked and the source of the problem was identified.

Sheila Dixon told WMAR-2 News investigative reporter Brian Kuebler that she hasn't made a decision about running.

Dixon resigned as mayor 10 years ago after being caught using gift cards meant for charity. She was convicted of embezzlement which was a misdemeanor.

In 2016, she ran again and was narrowly beaten by Catherine Pugh in the city's Democratic Primary for Mayor.