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Pugh home cited for another code violation; shop shutters

Posted at 4:43 PM, Apr 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-24 08:40:37-04

BALTIMORE, Md. — We are approaching a month.

Even Ex Officio Mayor Jack Young said Monday, he hasn't spoken with Catherine Pugh and has no idea how long her absence will go on.

“I have not heard from Mayor Pugh in about two weeks or something like that,” Young said, “I understand she is still, ya know, under the weather.”

Instead, Young is fond of saying he is just trying to keep this city and its agencies moving forward, and it appears they have.

Dated April 22 and on city letter head still bearing Pugh's name, her home in Ashburton was cited with a brand-new violation.

A spokesperson for the department of housing and community development said while her past violations and $2,500 in fines are currently being addressed, this new one is for her roof.

It was replaced with asphalt shingles, not slate as the historic district calls for.

It is a $500 fine that will only increase if not addressed soon.

The code violation and order indicates the work was done without the proper permits.

This is on top of the recent shuttering of her clothing store on Pigtown's main street.

A sign in the window used to list hours of just once a week, then by appointment, and now brown paper covers the windows of the 2 Chic Boutique.

WMAR 2-News interviewed then State Senator Catherine Pugh in 2014 about her business venture in which she told us she loved the location, “business is growing and growing and growing and we are just excited about being here.”

But it appears, no longer.

Fells Point shop owner and Pigtown resident Beth Hawks has been vocal, saying she hasn't seen Pugh's shop open in years.

If it is indeed closed for good, Hawks says that's a positive for the area.

“I think it is going to be really good for the Main Street district in Pigtown and hopefully we are going to get a great retailer in that space that is going to be a viable asset to the community because there are some wonderful businesses in that neighborhood,” Hawks said.

Mayor Pugh has 10 days to respond to the latest violation on her Ashburton house.

The Department of Housing and Community Development said the violation came to their attention after seeing television news coverage showing the mayor's home.