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Mayor Pugh's attorney says she's not well enough right now to make decisions about her future

Posted at 8:40 PM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-26 08:55:47-04

WMAR-2 News' Investigative Reporter Brian Kuebler spoke to Mayor Catherine Pugh's attorney in a live interview moments as he left Pugh's Ashburton home.

After spending about an hour and a half talking to Pugh about her options after FBI agents raided her homes, her attorney Steve Silverman shared details about her health and her future as mayor.

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Silverman said Pugh is in poor physical health.

"She just needs to be physically and mentally sound and lucid enough to make appropriate decisions," said Silverman. "She is not fit to make decisions today, she is under doctors care she had a severe case of pneumonia which culminated into a severe case of bronchitis and she is under a tremendous amount of stress which is added to her physical ailments."

Silverman says Pugh's health has also affected her decision making and that's the reason she is still on a leave of absence. He said Pugh planned to see her doctor on Friday.

"She doesn't have the energy to focus for a period of time in order to make important decisions," said Silverman.

When asked if she would make a decision to resign, Silverman clarified that she is not in a good place physically and mentally to make any decisions today, but is leaning towards making the best decision for the citizens of Baltimore.

"She understands all of the options and she is going to make the best decision in the best interest of the City of Baltimore."

Thursday FBI agents not only raided Pugh's home, but they were also seen walking out with boxes of documents from her office in City Hall and The Maryland Center for Adult Training, a nonprofit she once ran. Silverman said he has no concerns that anything the agents collected from Pugh's home would be incriminating. But as far as the documents that were collected in her office and the nonprofit, Silverman says they were just normal business records and to his knowledge nothing is incriminating.

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Pugh is said to be in her home recovering from pneumonia. The last thing we heard from Pugh was that she planned to return as Mayor once she recuperates.