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'I was worried about the trash accumulating': Crews clean up vacant lots along North Carlton Street

Crews clean up vacant lots along North Carlton Street
Posted at 9:00 PM, Nov 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-01 23:11:39-04

BALTIMORE — A week after we initially started talkin' trash with Miss Doris Park, the area is looking a lot cleaner.

"I think they came out the next day," said Parker.

The 40-year resident of W. Franklin Street told WMAR-2 News the illegally dumped items on various lots had her calling 311, requesting the items be removed. She hit a wall until we got involved.

"I'm glad to see it gone," she said. "I didn’t like the idea that you had to come to instigate it. Why couldn’t my phone call do it?"

Part of the issue is the backlog of 311 requests.

But after we highlighted the issue, crews cleaned up the area.

What remains is an abandoned trailer.

Someone with the city came out and inspected the trailer on October 27th. A city sticker stated it was scheduled to be towed on two days later. As of November 1, it was still parked illegally on a vacant lot.

"I wasn’t worried about the trailer," she said "I was worried about the tall grass and what was running through it and the trash that kept accumulating."

The trailer, while locked, does have busted windows. It appears people have been going in and out of it or at least were living in it at one point.

WMAR is working to make sure it is towed away.

"When you grow up in a clean environment and you’re used to cleaning it kind of falls in line with your business," said Shareef Faulcon.

Faulcon owns a nearby Halal eatery, Shareef's House of Wraps. The business owner told WMAR that a clean space makes a neighborhood more successful.

"I make sure my property is clean along with whatever borders it," he said. "We don't stand for certain type of behavior." 

He added when you invest in the neighborhood, most of the time, people will follow.

He's hoping people stop dumping in the area and report issues to 311.

WMAR reached out to city crews and requested another nearby area be cleaned. 

If you have a trash concern, you'd like Dave Detling: to investigate, contact Dave directly or email your concern to Remember to include your full name, address, phone number, location of the issue and pictures of the problem.