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'I got away with not getting hurt': Carjacking victims frustrated after recent back-to-back crimes

Carjacking victims frustrated after recent back-to-back crimes
Posted at 9:28 PM, Nov 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-30 23:09:02-05

BALTIMORE — Baltimore Police continue to investigate after several reported carjackings various neighborhoods this past week.

"It's sad because police are not going to do anything," said one carjacking victim. "These people are just going to do it again.

Carjacking victims in Baltimore tell WMAR-2 News they are frustrated after learning about several attacks on drives through social media. The cases involve Charles Village, Hampden, and the Medfield neighborhoods.

"I am a little shaken still," said Allison Schoenauer. "I was still a little angry, but I am doing better. I am not hurt."

Allison told WMAR her carjacking took place on November 21st in the 2800 block of Gilford Avenue in Charles Village.

"It happened in the middle of the day at like 1:45," she said. "I was just emptying my vehicle. I was house-sitting for my mom and just come back to my neighborhood, and I was carjacked."

She says two men approached her. She originally fought back.

"When I said no the first time the perpetrator who was right next to me flashed the gun," she said. "They eventually just took my stuff."

Also frustrated is Sarah. She asked that we not show her face or use her real name for safety reasons.

She lives in the 4300 block of Newport Avenue.

"I parked my car on the corner and was walking to my front door around 11 when I heard someone approaching behind me."

To avoid being attacked she threw her keys.

She says the two individuals made off with her 2015 maroon Chevy Malibu. The crime occurred Friday, November 25th.

"I got away with not getting hurt," said Sarah. "I got away with very little altercation in a situation. I lost my car, obviously, but that's replicable."

Five minutes from Newport Avenue another woman was carjacked near Clydesdale and Wood Heights.

A man posted on a social media page saying his daughter's 2021 dark grey BMW was taken.

It's believed a group of individuals was responsible. The father said his daughter was not hurt.

WMAR reached out to Baltimore Police about the recent carjackings.

Right now, it's unclear if the crimes are connected. The victims are hoping the cars are eventually ditched, found, and then returned.

In the meantime, those impacted are reminding drivers to be vigilant, no matter the time of day.

"For me personally I am trying to be more aware of my surroundings," said Allison. "I’ve lived in the neighborhood for years and it’s very easy to fall into patterns of not noticing where people are on the street. I'm working on being more aware. Other than that, I'm doing okay. I have a good support system."

If you have any information about these cases or have seen the vehicles, you're asked to call Baltimore City Police.