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'I do them in batches': The wooden crab man

Posted at 10:30 PM, Nov 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-10 23:29:30-05

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. — Happy anniversary to our Marines. You all look great for 247 years.

So on the night we celebrate the Marine Corps, how about a story on a retired Marine. One who rose through the ranks only to stumble on steps that led to a promotion of becoming Maryland's decorated wooden crab man.

“These are the steps my wife wanted replaced”, said Philip Smith outside his front door in Boyds, Maryland.

Instead of throwing the wood away, he made a giant wooden crab to fill in the hole on his brick wall outback. Once his wife posted the creation online, things went crazy.

So much so, that he started “72 Smitty Creations”.

“I do them in batches, but it takes at least three hours”, said Smith. His basement makes Geppetto, who made Pinocchio, jealous.

It is stuffed with the finest local wood. He will carve it out, make claws and then stain it and paint it the way you want.

They start selling baby crabs at $100 and the big lump ones at $225. If you want to get a hold of the wooden crab man click here.