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'I didn't even feel the stab at first' Waitress stabbed during robbery in Mt. Vernon

Posted at 5:36 PM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 07:25:18-04

BALTIMORE — Jori Hearbst is recovering after a Friday night robbery that left her with several stitches. The incident happened in the alleyway in the 900 block of St. Paul Street.

"It hurt, especially the first two days," said the Hamden waitress, motioning to the area in her abdomen where she'd been stabbed.

The incident happened while Hearbst was walking back to her apartment in Mt. Vernon.

"I'd just got off the bus and was walking through the alleyway like I always do," she said.

That's when she says a man dressed all in black approached her demanding everything of value.

"He was literally right behind me," said Hearbst. "I didn't even hear him at first."

She says he showed a gun and a knife.

"He ripped off my necklace. I didn’t even feel the stab at first and then something clicked, 'you’ve just been stabbed.'"

Video surveillance given to WMAR-2 News from a neighbor shows a man running from the area with a purse before ducking down another alley.

Baltimore City Police say they're investigating the robbery and assault but so far have made no arrests.

"I want people in the area to know what happened," said Hearbst. "There's a guy out there hurting people."