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Hon's Honey helping women survivors in Baltimore

Posted at 5:00 PM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-22 17:19:59-04

BALTIMORE (WMAR) — Behind every label is the story of a survivor. A story of transformation. They’ve created a healing hive for women and with their annual fundraiser Friday, Hon's Honey wants to be able to reach even more.

"They put love and healing into every product," said Erin Allison, the senior director of Hon's Honey.

Hon's Honey was created 2 years ago as a way to sustain the nonprofit The Well, which offers a year long program for women at risk of addiction, abuse, poverty, sex-trafficking, and prostitution.

"Situations in the community that people tend to fall into when they are in poverty and broken. I came in a broken person but through God and through community, it’s been healing," said Bobbie, an employee.

Through the hive, women like Bobbie gain mentorship, employment and a deeper sense of purpose.

"Working with herbs and essential oils and bees, those are things that I never expected in my life coming from the city and not many opportunities so to be given that and be able to give to nature as well as help my community and myself prosper, it’s a really beautiful thing," said Bobbie.

Everything is hand crafted using local honey. They even started a hive of their own this year. Bobbie is the beekeeper.

"Usually the first year you don’t get a harvest of honey and we were very lucky to get two boxes of harvested honey so very proud of that," said Bobbie.

They sell all their products online and in several stores and Friday is their annual fundraiser… a virtual celebration to raise money for the mentorship programs, counseling and employment. They hope more people will register to support them.

"By supporting us, it gives us the opportunity to have a job and to have a place to come, a safe place," said Bobbie.

A safe place, a healing hive.

"None of us can fix things in our lives in one day but it's really healing and encouraging to see something go for raw materials to finished product," said Allison.

The annual 'Unmasked' fundraiser is Friday at 7 p.m. Text HONEY to 41444 to register.