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Hogan doubles down on holding funds for abortion training

Gov. Hogan
Posted at 6:26 AM, May 11, 2022

BALTIMORE — Governor Hogan is standing his ground on holding funds geared to train new providers to perform abortions.

Earlier this year, the general assembly passed a bill to expand a list of healthcare providers who can perform abortions. Lawmakers wanted that training to start in July.

During the legislative session, Hogan vetoed the bill, but lawmakers overrode that veto. On Tuesday, Hogan said his position is not changing.

"It's a convuluted process. First of all, what this bill did was to lower the quality of care and allow people that aren't doctors to perform abortions," Hogan said. "It was not in the budget. There is no money to be released. Although the legislature is trying to force us to spend money."

Starting in July of next year, $3.5 million will go to fund that program. Only the governor can distribute that funding sooner.