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'He’s scaling the chairs for the rat' Fan catches rat with bare hands at Orioles game

'He’s scaling the chairs for the rat.' Fan catches rat with bare hands at Orioles game
Posted at 5:03 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 18:22:33-04

BALTIMORE — The MVP of Monday's Orioles game wasn't a baseball player but an unknown fan who caught a rat with his bare hands during the ninth inning.

Multiple cameras recorded the rodent running through the stands and fans attempting to grab it.

"I was in section 64, row 1 and I heard a commotion of fans behind me," said Erik Kulczynski. "Fans were circling the seats. We thought it was strange."

The event wound up becoming a laughing fest as multiple people tried to grab the rat.

Video uploaded to TikTok shows a man climbing over seats in attempt to catch the rodent. A few moments later a woman is seen clapping and whistling.

"Jesus, he has a shovel," said the person recording the video.

Sure enough, a Camden Yards employee was seen with a shovel.

None of the attempts seemed to work until a Royals fan reached down into the stands

"My camera wasn't up until people were chanting 'catch the rat,'" said Paige Redmon.

Redmon was one of many fans who recorded the Royals fan grabbing the rat by the tail. Holding it up for everyone to see, he eventually placed it in a cardboard box."

"Kansas City picked it up by the tail," said Brian Dinan. "He was getting a lot of fist bumps on the way out. I saw him on the way out, he was like the hero for 15 minutes. He was hero for the day."

"People were cheering," said Redmon. "I think the Oriole bird got a run for his money for mascot on Monday."

The Royals fan has yet to be identified but one fan managed to get a picture with him before the game was over.

"I did get a selfie with him just for memory's sake," said Erik Kulczynski.

"It's just a fun Baltimore story," said Redmon.