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‘He just kept hitting cars’ 38 cars on Wilkens Avenue severely damaged by a work truck

‘He just kept hitting cars.’ 38 cars on Wilkens Avenue severely damaged by a work truck
Posted at 9:47 PM, Feb 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-27 19:46:06-05

BALTIMORE — Police continue to investigate after 38 cars were hit in the 2200 block of Wilkens Avenue early Wednesday morning. At least one person was injured in the accidents.

“I could have been killed,” said Muhammad Safeer. “I was just sitting in my car relaxing after my shift when out of nowhere I felt it.”

Safeer is recovering after being taken to the hospital.

“I have stitches that need to come out in the next four days,” he said. “My nose is broken.”

Safeer’s Jeep was just one of the many vehicles totaled early Wednesday morning.

“I just got that Jeep too,” he said. “Maybe like two months ago.

According to witnesses, around between midnight and 12:30, a driver of a welding truck started hitting cars. It’s unclear why, but witnesses believe he may have been impaired.

“I heard a loud boom,” said Kristi Simmons. “I noticed one car was knocked onto the sidewalk. When I looked I saw the truck go around Pulaski Highway and then come back down. He just started hitting all the cars on the opposite side of the street.”

Another vehicle that was totaled belongs to Charlene Wade, a mother of six.

“This is just devastating,” she said. “I was in the shower when it happened. Now I’m without a car. Today I had to walk my children to school and then walk to work. We’re talking a couple of miles. I hope this man gets what he deserves.”

According to Baltimore Police, the driver was arrested. They are not releasing his name as it’s not a criminal investigation but rather a traffic accident.

“He could have killed someone,” said Safeer.

Video from Citizen App shows the man being arrested along with neighbors yelling at the man, clearly upset.

“I guess I just have to take it day by day,” said Wade. “The next step is filing an insurance claim.”