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Harford County offering $10,000 grant to restaurants

Posted at 8:36 PM, Oct 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-03 00:04:15-04

HARFORD COUNTY, Md. — It’s been a rough pandemic for business owners in Maryland.

In Harford County they just announced a little more relief as we hit the fall season.

At MacGregor’s in Havre De Grace they’ve been able to survive mainly off of carry out and the upgrades to indoor dining and using their outdoor space.

But winter is coming fast and with it, new issues.

“We shut all of our doors, sent everyone home and didn’t know when we were going to open again to be honest with you,” said Owner Stephanie Golumbek. “We started to do groceries. We started to do carry out. Just a variety of things to get everyone employed again.”

Golumbek said in the summer time they’d typically have over 100 employees.

That number dropped to 3 and has gradually climbed back to 80.

“This time last year I wouldn’t even be thinking about the winter coming because we would sitting so very sound and secure. It wouldn’t be that I’m spending nights looking over things and figuring out hey maybe we can do without this and we can do without that.”

Festivals like the River front festival one at a space owned by MacGregor’s, are critical in getting people outside having socially distanced fun and infusing money into the local economy.

“We’ve paired up with our local alliance so they’re taking care of all the vendors. To me it just brings people out. It brings customers to have something to eat something to drink and for a sport them to feel normal again.”

Harford County is offering $10,000 grants through the Federal CARES act to restaurants in need.

“When I woke up this morning it was the best news I’ve had,” Golumbeck said.

The money can be used for things like mortgage or rent payments, upgrades for carryout service, seating enhancements and physical barriers for social distancing.

“Quite frankly I’ve been scouring around to find portable heaters and I wish somebody would have went back in time and told me to get portable heats a month ago because who knew they are all out. To me this means that maybe I’ll be able to get another heating system. We’ll extend this season.”

Businesses can put in their application for the grant next Wednesday.

Click here to apply.