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Graphic video appears to show victim attacked, knocked unconscious with brick

Posted at 1:25 PM, Aug 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-01 14:58:50-04


On Tuesday, Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello tweeted that police have identified and spoken with the victim.

He said the man's injuries don't appear to be severe. Police haven't publicly released his name.

It's unclear if police have tracked down the suspect.

Original story:

A disturbing video has surfaced on social media showing an unsuspecting victim being knocked unconscious with an apparent brick.

The graphic footage begins with a man walking on the sidewalk Sunday in what's believed to be the Sharp Leadenhall area of South Baltimore.

Another man is seen running up from behind with what looks to be a brick in each hand.

Without any provocation the suspect blindsides the victim, striking him directly in the back of the head with the brick in his right hand.

The victim immediately goes limp and collapses face first on the pavement.

Immediately following the attack, the suspect runs away. In the video it seems the brick may have been left at the scene.

WMAR-2 News obtained a Baltimore Police report on the alleged incident.

In it, officers say a neighborhood resident called 911 after hearing a loud argument outside between the 100 and 200 blocks of W. Hamburg Street.

The person reported looking out their window to see the victim walking away before the suspect hits him with a brick.

Responding officers wrote they were unable to find the victim, but discovered a pool of blood on the sidewalk where the caller witnessed the assault.

The caller said they didn't know the men involved, and refused to give police their name and address.

Officers claim to have searched for the victim, but came up empty.

“It’s terrible. I’ve been living in this area for a long time and never seen no problems," one local stated.

A man who doesn’t want to be identified says he saw the whole thing.

The witness says before the attack, the two had a brief exchange at a nearby 7 eleven.

“I was coming out of 7 eleven and the guy asked the guy for two dollars and the gentleman said he didn’t have two dollars and he was like well you got money in your hand and he said this is bill money and he walked away.”

Baltimore City Councilman Eric Costello shared the video in a Facebook post saying, "The complete depravity to human life illustrated in this video is absolutely disgusting and should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Anyone who knows the suspect in the video is asked to email Baltimore City Police Captain Eric Leitch at and the Councilman at