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Grab your popcorn because theaters are back open in Baltimore

Posted at 8:05 PM, Sep 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-04 23:12:59-04

BALTIMORE — Do you remember the last movie you saw before the quarantine started?

Hard to think all the way back to March isn’t it?

Well you can have a new answer because theaters are back open across the state of Maryland.

There were no long lines or red carpet rolled out for the return of the Senator Theatre.

At 25 percent capacity, they sold out one show pretty quickly as people are excited to have this experience back.

As the doors reopen at movie theaters around Maryland fans are excited to have the excitement back.

“Finally back to the movies like there’s nothing better than that,” said moviegoer Yogesh Ahuja.

Larry Smith was the first person back at the Senator.

“Get that popcorn, soda, lay back and enjoy it. Get a laugh and a smile and go with it.”

As counties move into Phase 3 of reopening Governor Hogan announced theaters could reopen at 50 percent capacity.

Regal reopened some of its over 500 theaters including their location in Hunt Valley.

All with new social distancing and sanitation procedures.

Smith feels the precautions are enough to keep people safe.

“As long as we follow the simple steps, masks, social distancing and just don’t crowd in to tight with people,” said Smith

Max and his group of friends said they were pumped that Tenet is the first movie being shown at the Senator.

“I’m glad it’s this movie, it’s my favorite directors, it’s going to be a good time it’s just going to be a blast ya',” Max said.

A cautious step back into fun.

“There’s just something about the vibes ya' know?” Ahuja said. “You’re there you feel kind of like you’re part of the movie. At home you might get sleepy the AC is on you don’t get the vibes ya know?”

Theaters are encouraging people to order tickets online that way there’s even less interaction when you get there.