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Getting ready for the real world

Tips to prep college kids for life on their own
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Posted at 10:06 PM, Aug 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-24 22:06:06-04

ORLANDO, FL. — College is a major transition for kids and their parents! Many moms and dads worry that their teens aren’t ready or don’t have the skills to succeed. So, how can you prepare your high-school graduate for this life change?
Sherry Morgan has a daughter headed to college this fall and a son close behind. It’s a transition that’s triggered mixed emotions.
Morgan told Ivanhoe, “I’m scared. I’m sad, but I’m mostly excited.”
Morgan has spent the last couple of years preparing her kids for independence, giving them control early-on was necessary.
“Really letting them think through what they want versus what you think they should do,” explained Morgan.
Make sure they know how to perform basic chores, like how to do their laundry. Money management is also important. Set up a bank account for your student and help them create a budget. Also, be upfront about the family’s financial situation and what you can and cannot afford. Also, discuss ways to stay safe on campus and talk about how often you expect them to check in. Give advice, but don’t overwhelm them.
“Remember that you just don’t represent yourself, you represent your family,” detailed Morgan.
And remember your child will likely make mistakes.
Morgan said, “I think that’s my biggest thing is I want my kids to live. I want them to experience things. I want them to learn. I want them to fall down. I want them to get up.”
Experts say it’s also important to consider your child’s mental health. According to one source, 62 percent of all college students reported feeling overwhelming anxiety over the past year. Make sure your student knows the importance of seeking help if they experience these emotions.