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Gas prices expected to jump as 'gas tax holiday' ends

Tax break ends 11:59pm Saturday
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Posted at 7:38 AM, Apr 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-15 07:41:26-04

BALTIMORE — The price of gas in Maryland is expected to jump this weekend.

As of Friday morning, AAA reports the average price of regular gas in Maryland is about $3.68 and $4.60 for diesel.

Meanwhile, the state's pause on collecting gas tax at the pump ends Saturday night.

As of midnight Sunday morning, the gas tax holiday is officially over.

Many people might prepare by filling up their tanks for the weekend on Friday, to make sure they can take advantage of the tax break while they still can.

The expression every penny counts holds true at the pump. Gas prices shot up across the country after Russia attacked Ukraine at the end of February.

The average price of regular gas in Maryland reached a high of $4.30 cents on March 11th but many gas stations in the area were well above average.

Maryland became the first state in the country to give drivers a break on rising gas prices with a gas tax holiday. It allowed drivers to save 36 cents a gallon on gas but only for a period of 30 days.

Now, the time for that savings is almost up.

It was good while it lasted for some drivers but others wished it could have lasted a while longer.

An effort to extend the gas tax holiday failed to pass the General Assembly on Monday.

Baltimore resident Evelyn Cavanaugh said “I think they need to reconsider the decisions they're making, and also reconsider the effect on families, you know, the ordinary citizens. That's exactly what I think in kind words.”

District 34A Delegate Steve Johnson said “we want to give the public relief. however, it is costing our transportation fund that takes care of highway projects and bridge projects $100 million a month.”

With the gas tax holiday ending, some people might opt for regular instead of premium gas if their car doesn't require high octane.

AAA also recommends slowing down as every five miles faster that people drive over 60 miles per hour is like spending an extra 15 cents a gallon on gas.