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Free summer program to get kids ready for school

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Posted at 9:46 PM, May 24, 2021

BALTIMORE — No one wants their kids to fall behind because of the pandemic and a national nonprofit is taking root here in Maryland this summer. is a national nonprofit that just started in Maryland. They are offering a free summer upstart program for 700 families in the state.

“We really focus on providing the foundation of literacy for our youngest learners," said Spokesperson Kim Fischer. "We focus on children anywhere from Pre-k all the way up through 6th grade.”

It’s no secret it's been a struggle for many students to get a solid education during the pandemic.

Parents working from home had to balance their professional responsibilities while taking care of their kids who mostly attended school virtually.

The results show graduates from this program walked into kindergarten already halfway where they needed to be.

“It’s not just a 'here parents put your child on the computer for 15 minute and that’s it'," Fischer said. "We give parents a coach to help them understand how to engage with a child and figure out what they are learning and work with them offline. We give them resources they can do offline as well."

The program even provides a laptop and internet access for families who need it.

It's opening the gateway to literacy to keep our kids on track as we continue the work our way back to normal.

They still have several hundred spots and are currently taking applicants. The deadline is June 8th.

If you are interested click here.