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Former special education aide sentenced to six years in prison for the distribution of child pornography

Posted at 6:50 PM, Mar 02, 2021

BALTIMORE — A former special education aide has been sentenced to six years in federal prison for the distribution of child pornography.

According to his guilty plea, 42-year-old Peter Na’Shon Greer was involved in the receipt and distribution of child pornography, specifically, as a member and then administrator of an online chat group that focused on the sexual exploitation of children.

During the time this took place, he was employed as a middle school special education aide.

As detailed in his plea agreement, "Greer admitted that he distributed child pornography and that he was an administrator of the chat group, as well as of other sexually based chat groups, including those dedicated to BDSM and incest. Further, Greer advised that he is part of a group of people who pretend to be minors online, as a form of role playing."