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Former Marine opens gym in Dunkirk

Posted at 11:22 PM, Oct 14, 2021

DUNKIRK, Md. — A proud Marine, who just retired from the Anne Arundel Police Department is now a force in the fitness world.

Her name is Sandy Vazquez and ladies does she have a place for you in the Calvert County town of Dunkirk.

Sistas Work Together is a gym just for women and it just opened on Southern Maryland Boulevard in Dunkirk. But what a story to get to the finish line. Sandy graduated from high school and decided to go into the Marines.

After eight years with a degree in hand, she joined the Anne Arundel Police Department. She was the first Hispanic woman to wear the badge. After 20 years, she just retired last year.

During the pandemic, she became a certified fitness trainer. Way back when she came to Maryland, she decided to attend a fitness class.

“I didn’t know anything about aerobics, all I knew was Marine stuff,” she said. One class later she was hooked. “One day I’m going to own a place like this.”

At her home, she cleared out the basement and neighbors started coming over to work out.

It was a home made gym. Sandy became so popular her business muscle was popping.

She found a spot in Dunkirk and a few weeks ago she opened up the Sistas Work Together gym.