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FOP president urges to 'vote out (State's Attorney) Marilyn Mosby' in letter to Baltimore citizens

Marilyn Mosby
Posted at 6:54 PM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 18:56:39-04

BALTIMORE — The the day before primary Election Day, Fraternal Order of Police, Baltimore City Lodge 3 President Mike Mancuso wrote a letter to Baltimore City citizens.

He pushed for a change in leadership, especially in Baltimore's State's Attorney Office.

Current State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby is on the Democratic ballot against Thiru Vignarajah and Ivan Bates.

Mancuso pleaded voters to vote Mosby out of office.

"Citizens of Baltimore, this is your city," Mancuso said. "Vote Marilyn Mosby out now and let all of the others responsible for this destruction, or those who remain quiet, know that the time for change has most definitely arrived. We are out of time unless you are willing to wait multiple years for a 'crime plan' or 'holistic' experiment, all the while bodies continue to litter the streets. Public safety must come first. ACT NOW!"

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Mancuso's letter comes hours after the FOP said police were pummeled by rocks, bottles, and a sergeant was injured by direct hits to the hit from a laser beam while responding to illegal street racing in Southeast Baltimore.

Officers responded to the 4200 block of Boston Street around midnight where around 200 to 300 cars participated in burnouts and speed racing activities.

Police said the activities shut down Boston Street, in both ways, to traffic.

The FOP said that while officers responded, they were pelted with rocks, bottles, and a sergeant took two direct hits to the eyes from a laser beam being used by someone in the crowd.

The officer was taken to shock trauma at the hospital and has cornea damage.

Officers called for assistance, and the situation lasted for more than an hour.

“I continue to be so humbled by the courage our officers maintain with their Patrol shifts so depleted,” the FOP said. “They continue to do this with no support from the top. And to add insult to injury, this incident occurred on top of multiple murders, shootings and carjackings just this weekend, including two people who were shot just after the Boston Street incident, just a few blocks from this scene in the active Canton Square restaurant/bar area.”

In a letter to Baltimore Citizens, the FOP continued to wire that, “this is being allowed to happen because of weak leadership and the ineffective policies at the top of City Hall and Baltimore Police Department.”

“All of you have heard the Mayor and Police Commissioner echo the State’s Attorney’s coddling stance on everything from low-level crimes to murder,” the FOP added. “This is why the City is out of control and the reason many have sought to live and work elsewhere, and others choose to spend their money outside of Baltimore City.”