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Florida family experiences first snowfall in Hereford

Posted at 10:19 PM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 23:13:10-05

HEREFORD, Md. — From Florida to Vermont—it was a 23 hour drive with snow on the homestretch and a stop to get gas in Hereford.

Mom had seen snow before, but it was the first time for her two Florida girls.

“Seeing the actual snow around and being able to touch it and stuff like that it’s a while completely different feeling, I’ll tell you that right now,” said Skyla Arroyo.

Hereford saw heavy snow switch to rain, and it made for a messy evening commute.

For these travelers, the first snow was met with differing levels of excitement.

“I’m cold and obviously wearing the wrong shoes for this. I do have crocks on,” said Chyna Zachow.

“First snowball let’s see how far I can throw it hold it on,” said Arroyo. “Not bad not bad.”

Nicholas Trovarello was heading from North Carolina to Pennsylvania also didn’t get the memo it was boots season.

He said the snow started in Maryland and the highways weren’t too bad.

“Backroads like this, they are snow yeah.”

A messy trip for travelers as the snow switched from snow to rain.

Here’s hoping everyone makes it wherever they are going safely.