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'Fill the House' donations made to the House of Ruth on Wednesday

Posted at 11:26 PM, Oct 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-20 23:26:38-04

BALTIMORE — You did it again. Every time we ask you for your help you respond in ways that just amaze all of us.

Today it was donation day for the House of Ruth Maryland. While you came out with bags filled with needed items, there are women you don't know who are thanking you tonight.

There's a mom with two children who will not see this report tonight. This was her day for the great escape.

She won't see you donating diapers and such because she was on the hot line waiting to be rescued.

She won't hear how a wife coaxed her husband to drive to the Weis Market to donate cash for women like her.

She won't see this report because she is busy putting on the clothes you just donated and trying to rock her little ones to sleep whispering its going to be okay.

She won't know how much you care because she was busy trying to block him so he won't track her location down by her phone.

She was saved on this night by the House of Ruth Maryland.

Today and even when the sun went down, she was busy leaving the man of her nightmares behind to start a new life.

She didn't see this report, but when she grabs her breath, her heart will swell learning just how much you helped her.