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Fedora wearing goat captured on camera in Pigtown

Fedora wearing goat captured on camera in Pigtown
Posted at 8:38 PM, Mar 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-04 23:20:43-05

BALTIMORE — A Pigtown goat is getting some social media attention for his fashionable headwear.

“I was actually driving and I almost crashed,” said Devin Fields. “I couldn’t believe there was a guy walking down the street with two goats one of them was white and small. The other one was possibly grown.”

The grown goat is the one getting all the attention.

“He had a fedora on his head,” said Fields. “A khaki fedora with a black band around it and it was just walking. He was looking good.”

The goats were seen earlier in the week walking across a gas station near Carroll Park.

“That’s not something you see every day,” said Fields’ son.

The picture of the goats has been shared on social media and is making the round.

“That goat is styling,” said one poster.

“Only in Baltimore,” commented another person.

“Only in Pigtown can this happen and that he was wearing a fedora,” said Beth Hawks. “I mean, come on now only in Baltimore do you have a goat walking down the street. Not one but we have two goats.”

A search of social media shows the goats belong to a local arabber. The goats' names are Hank and Jill.