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Elkton police raid turns up ghost guns

Shooting leads to AR-style weapons, drugs & cash
Elkton police raid turns up ghost guns
Posted at 4:08 PM, Feb 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-10 19:05:46-05

ELKTON, Md. — Neighbors report seeing cars coming and going from the house on Locust Lane in Elkton at all hours, and police say a raid here turned up plenty of pot and $12,000 in cash.

But they never imagined 33-year-old Joseph Racca had a virtual arsenal inside, including four AR-style weapons, including a pair of ghost guns with no serial numbers.

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“We have seven kids and it’s right here and my house in right over there, and we’re use to people gathering up on Douglas Street, but it’s just too close to home and you never know what can happen,” said Crystal Blake.

The bust followed a reports of the shooting at Racca’s house last week, and you can still see where someone fired several rounds into the back of the home.

Police say the ghost guns, often constructed with parts purchased off of the internet, are of concern not only because they’re difficult to trace and their fire power, but also because they’re not safe.

“They’re having a friend or somebody who has working knowledge manufacture them, and we don’t know, I guess there’s no regulatory issues when it comes to the safety of those guns and whether or not they could explode in their hands or cause injury to somebody near by for something like that,” said Elkton Police Det. Sgt. Ron Odom.

For now, police are awaiting Racca’s extradition from Delaware to bring formal charges against him, but he’s off the street as are his weapons.

In a neighborhood filled with young families and small children, Racca’s arrest brings a measure of relief, but it underscores the fact that in many instances, you never really know your neighbors.

“You don’t know about any of these people,” said Blake. “We stay to ourselves. You stay to yourself, you know? People don’t normally bother you, but at the same time, you don’t want to be caught in a crossfire or anything.”